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Accountants use proven analytical tools to predict what a balance sheet will look like in the future. This helps their clients make good decisions in the present.


Making informed decisions requires accurate data. With secure connections to more than 2,500 banks and financial institutions, if you don't keep your money under your mattress, Cashews can count it.


There’s no need to spend hours every month categorizing and micro-sorting transactions. Just link whatever checking accounts and credit cards you use.

Cashews makes money from subscriptions and will never ever share or sell your data.
Banks only authorize us with “Read-only” permissions, which means we can never operate with your money.
To ease your mind from the financial stress. You can opt-out of course!
Unless you have accounts at more than 5 banks. Then it might take you 4 minutes!


Power-up your personal finances with easy to understand
insights that are auto-generated for you.

Credit cards provide the ability to build a credit record and receive a credit score. If you have a high credit utilization on your cards, however, you might find yourself with lower credit scores, a more difficult time making larger monthly payments, and a higher interest rate on your cards if you make any payments late.

An overdraft occurs when there isn't enough money in an account to cover a transaction or withdrawal, but the bank allows the transaction anyway. Know when you’ve hit an overdraft and what fees your are paying.

A personal cash flow is important because it allows you to identify where your income is coming from and how it is being spent. The more positive money flow you have, the more money you will make. The more money you make, the faster you can build up your finances.

Compound interest is what happens when you reinvest your earnings, which then earn interest as well. Compound interest essentially means "interest on the interest" and is the reason many investors are so successful. Determine how much your money can grow using the power of compound interest.

What our users say


Ever since I’ve started working full time, I was always worried about hitting the overdraft and was constantly checking my balances. Frustrated, I have been looking for a simple app that would allow me to see my credit usage and utilization across three credit cards and two bank accounts. And I’ve finally found it!


While budgeting is important to some individuals and businesses, a clear picture of spending is as important. I don't spend all I could spend, and I'm not saving for anything at the moment, so tracking and analyzing spending is helpful. Cashews is like having a professional adviser who you can just ask, 'What am I spending money on now?'


Do I need to set a budget in advance for eating out, then go, "Oh, I broke that this month," or say, "Oh, I have $200 extra I didn't spend on that this month"?. I like to live my life and occasionally check how I'm spending. If I'm spending more on eating out, that might be an area I can save. Or I might decide I'm comfortable spending a bit more on that.


Ever since I’ve started working full time, I was always worried about hitting the overdraft and was constantly checking my balances.
Frustrated, I have been looking for a simple app that would allow me to see my credit usage and utilization across three credit cards and two bank accounts. And I’ve finally found it!


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Cashews is built by people who want to help you better understand personal financing, not judge you.

In early 2014, my wife and I were young professionals making okay money for the first time. We decided to stay put for a while and bought a house that needed some work. The same day we closed on the house, we found out we were expecting our first child! Suddenly, we're trying to figure out how to juggle a pile of student loans, a house and all of the future planning required to bring a child. Our financial life was just as much of a disaster as it sounds. It got to the point where I was afraid to open my banking app or, worse, credit card app, to look at the balances.

We were overwhelmed trying to keep our budget intact as the neatly organized categories in the app collided with our chaotic life as a young family. We had no idea how to predict how much to budget for kids' clothing or what a picky eater would do to our grocery budget.

Frustrated, I spent months working from 3am until whenever the kids woke up to build what has become the core of Cashews. It started as a simple application and service that allowed us to link our bank and credit card accounts, send automated monthly cashflow analysis, daily balance notifications, and alerts for anomalies. We've used it ourselves for years now, and that daily balance notification every morning has become indispensable.

On top of that, we know it's accurate because we're tracking against actual spending from previous months and years without having to constantly group, sort, and categorize every penny earned or spent.

I've continued to test every new app that comes into the space, hoping I can turn off my homemade solution, but nothing fits our need for something that's both low effort and high impact. I've come to realize that it's likely nothing will fill this void because of the backward incentives that are driving companies to build applications like this.

This is why I'm building Cashews. We all deserve better than the status quo. Our team is hard at work converting what has been the cornerstone of my family's financial life into a mobile app that is secure, stable, and scalable to serve all of you.



Cashews will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices in December or January. Whether you are as excited as we are or just mildly curious, please sign up for an invitation!



We’re launching in the US first. It’s where we are and where we have the most experience with the financial institutions. Banking systems and regulations are different in every country. We want to make sure we do this correctly, which means expanding slowly and only after we’ve created a great experience for customers.


Because we’re launching in the US first, we’re starting with US dollars. We hope to add CAD, Euro, GBP, Bitcoin, and Ethereum shortly.


To start, we only ask for and store the absolute bare minimum amount of information required to provide you with a stellar experience. We don’t and won’t ever sell this information or use it for advertising. The data that we do gather is all encrypted with finance industry standard AES-256 encryption.


Cashews is unique because it uses predictive cash flow analysis to give you a clear, real-time snapshot of your financial standing relative to your big-picture goals. But we also think that Cashews stands out because it avoids some shortcomings, frustrations, and risks that we’ve experienced when using personal finance apps.

For instance, some apps are great at collecting data from all our accounts in one place. But they have no predictive capability — they don’t even keep track of recurring monthly expenses.

Other apps are too rigid. They’re focused on strict budget categories, so they chastise us for stocking up on paper towels at the grocery store or putting an emergency medical procedure on a credit card. Or they’re built on a calendar month time period and can never understand that we get paid on the 5th and 20th. And other apps work okay, but they’re owned by banks, software companies, or worse, marketing companies. So their objective is either to sell you other financial products or to get your data to sell to advertisers.

All we want to sell you is Cashews. We designed it because it was something we needed — and we think you’ll find it helpful, too.

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